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Publishing to a blog from Google Docs

I just made my first attempt to publish to Vernal using Google Docs. Man, what a rats nest of code that thing created. Ouch. Plus, it didn’t even carry over the title of the post. Nightmare. This post is coming out of MarsEdit. Seems relatively harmless if not nice.

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Drupal > WordPress Conversion Part IV: Plugin breakdown

Here is a list of the plugins I used to make in order to stretch the powers of WordPress to that of a very feature-rich content management system that maintains the simplicity and user-friendliness of a blog. You can see the results at Craft Emergency Relief Fund. What I think is truly remarkable about using…

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Drupal > WordPress Migration Part III: Mashing up posts and pages

During the Craft Emergency Relief Fund conversion from Drupal 4.7 to WordPress 2.1 I had decided to build out the entire information architecture of the site using the WordPress Pages system. In the original site the architecture was built upon a hybrid system of diverse content types (primarily pages, stories, and many custom types using…

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Fighting technology with technology

In the January 2007 issue of Wired magazine there is a rare gem of an article: How to disable the newly required RFID chips in US passports (a tech that has privacy concerns up the wazoo and has already been hacked across the pond). What makes this a gem is the solution: a good ol’…

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It’s On: A site conversion from Drupal 4.7 to WordPress 2.0

Trading bulk for simplicity I have begun work converting an existing Drupal site to WordPress in the name of simplicity, sustainability, and cost savings. I’ve long preached the content-management power of WordPress as an effective and sustainable solution for small to mid-sized organizations. This should be a good demonstration of what it can do. The…

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Today I join the Eggplant Alumni Association

It’s official. As of today I have left the company I co-founded over six years ago as a wild experiment in organizing a tech cooperative across geographical boundaries. There is a lot to say about it. I first question I am getting from people is why are you leaving Eggplant? You are Eggplant. Your nickname…

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